Thu 26 November 2015


Update on Drumlore

UPDATE on Drumlore

You may have noticed that Drumlore has been relatively silent during 2015 - there were some pretty big changes.

The year started with the release of Ben Rama's fantastic compilation, Techgnosis Vol. 1. After the release of Techgnosis I started to become aware of more than minor stylistic dynamics on the label and it was decided that everyone's interests would be better served by splitting the label, thus Techgnosis Records was born. Drumlore from here on out will focus on the techier, dancier, dubbier side of underground techno, in contrast to the "progressive" sound that has characterised most of our previous releases.

All of the releases that had been scheduled for release on Drumlore (with the exception of my next album and one from Quirk) in 2015 travelled with Ben to Techgnosis, as they are a far better fit there and Ben had done the overwhelming majority of work on them, leaving Drumlore with a mostly empty schedule and an empty stable. With that, I spent most of the last half of 2015 finishing my next LP and working with Dan Driscoll (Quirk, Aria) to define a new sound for the label and seeking out new talent in line with that sound. Currently there are six releases in the works with the first on schedule for distribution right around New Years.

Stay tuned.

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